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The Global Shapers Community is a community of young people in their teens to 30s from diverse backgrounds organized by the World Economic Forum.  
As more than half of the world's population are young people under the age of 27, we are an organization that promotes the empowerment of young people in society, with the commitment that each person has experience, leadership potential and the ability to bring about change in society. Selected by the World Economic Forum based on

We set up regional bases called HUBs in cities around the world and gather together, and the members who belong to the hubs are called "Shapers".  As of 2023, there are over 10,000 Shapers in 500 hubs in 152 countries around the world, working with the aim of solving various regional issues. A platform that provides information, experience, and perspectives from young leaders around the world.  

Okinawa Hub aims to realize a diverse society through young people's independent expression of their individuality, and will develop projects that connect the World Economic Forum community from Okinawa to the world and local communities.  


Connecting Okinawa and the world,
Aiming for a better society
continue to be a challenger

Connecting Okinawa to the world,
we are relentless challengers
pursuing a brighter future.


Young generation takes on challenges in the world

By creating and supporting opportunities

To develop the next generation of leaders

work on

We are committed to fostering the next generation of leaders by creating and supporting opportunities for the youth to challenge themselves on a global stage


Become the next generation leader

to the younger generation

be a role model

Becoming the next-generation leaders, we strive to be role models for the youth

Peace Protest

Social issues happening around the world

From Okinawa for regional issues

A model case that can be solved

Create and disseminate

From Okinawa, we create and share model cases to tackle global and local societal challenges

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